Broc Fletcher Becomes Second Tiger to Become a Four-Time State Champion

Broc Fletcher Becomes Second Tiger to Become a Four-Time State Champion

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ROCK SPRINGS – Last weekend, the Rock Springs Tigers Wrestling team competed in the state championship and Rock Springs finished fourth with 182 team points and three individual state champions. One of those three individual champs was Broc Fletcher, making it his fourth state championship. This cements him as the Tigers’ second four-time state champion in school history. The only other Tiger to be a four-time state champion is John Lucchi who did so back in 1970-73.

Tigers head coach Dave Doporto has started to make some strong strides with the program and wanted to share a quote about Fletcher and the type of wrestler he is.

Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.

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– Dan Gable  


You have overcome so many challenges in your wrestling career. You have looked adversity in its eye and confidently rose above it. Four-time state champ is a huge achievement and we are so proud of you. Remember to take all you have learned about hard work, dedication and perseverance and use it in your future. We will always be in your corner.


-Dave Doporto

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TRN Media recently interviewed Broc Fletcher about his wrestling career and he talked about how he has wanted to be the best wrestler since he was in the eighth grade.

My goal was to be the best every year and as an eighth grader I made the decision I wanted to become a four time state champion and it was going to take a ton of work. 

For Fletcher, wrestling is one more than a sport for him. It has been his life since before he was even five years old.

I was maybe three or four when I started wrestling and I loved it since then and just have lived for the sport. 

Fletcher is a native of Rock Springs and loves the mountains and people and said it was a great place to be as a kid. His favorite memory in wrestling is when he went to Spain to wrestle.

It was super cool being across the country and just meeting other wrestlers. 

This year, Fletcher had a tough start although he was winning he suffered an injury in the semi-finals in Riverton’s Ron Thon Tournament. He still won that match and on the year he went 43-2. He talked about some of the difficulties of this year with knowing he had a chance to be a four-time state champion and what he did to become better.

It was very difficult this year I knew I had some good matches and if I wanted to win them I had to watch my old film and just be better and faster at everything.

Fletcher had a lot of good film to go over as he finished his high school career 150-17. After he finishes high school he is undecided on what he wants to do yet.

I am not sure if I want to go on with my career or work to a better future career 

Fletcher was not the only four-time state champion in the state this year though. He was also joined by Green River’s Kale Knezovich as well as Antonio Avila of Thunder Basin. This is the first time one graduation class has had three four-time state wrestlers in Wyoming history. It is also the first time in Wyoming that one county had two four-time state champions in the same year.

We asked Fletcher if he thinks that this year’s seniors in Wyoming are the best group of seniors that the state has seen graduate in the same year.

I honestly do think this year’s wrestling had the best pound-for-pound wrestlers as seniors.

Fletcher is the second wrestler from Rock Springs to finish his high school career as a four-time state champion. He talked about how much it meant to not just him, but to some of his younger teammates.

It means a ton and I think it means a ton to my teammates having them look up to me and wanting to be able to be there one day.

Fletcher may have been the one on the mat for his 150 career wins but he still would like to thank a few people that made it all possible for him along the way.

I would love to thank my coaches and father for getting me here also my mother and brother for being my biggest supporters. 

Along with some of Fletcher’s teammates, many youth wrestlers will look up to him and are going to strive to be a four-time wrestler just like him. We asked him what he would tell himself when he was younger and he said that he would tell himself to try harder on his grades and to strive to be undefeated on the mat his four years of high school wrestling.