You Can Support ‘Wyoming Women Hoofin’ it For Hope’

You Can Support ‘Wyoming Women Hoofin’ it For Hope’

Vickie Kendall, Rhonda Greene, Michelle Gatti, Cara Pedri, Lindsey Greene, and Tammy Pinter. New walkers not pictured, Barb Gatti, Janae Gale, and Debbie Tarufelli.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — You can help in the fight against breast cancer by supporting a local team who are fundraising for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The team ‘Wyoming Women Hoofin’ it For Hope’ will walk in San Diego on November 18,19 and 20th.

The 2016 team members will walk in honor of loved ones. They have also chosen to walk in honor of everyone in Sweetwater County who has had the disease of breast cancer.

“If anyone would like us to walk in honor of a loved one please contact us and we will add them to our list,” Organizer Cara Pedri said. You can contact Cara here.

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“One case of breast cancer is diagnosed among women every two minutes in the U.S. What can we do about it? We’re walking 60 miles and raising thousands of dollars for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, to help end breast cancer forever. You can support our team, the Wyoming Women Hoofin’ it for HOPE, at Find strength. Find purpose. Find hope. Find a cure.” – Cara Pedri.

Team members include second-time walkers Cara Pedri, Lindsey Greene, Tammy Pinter, Michelle Gatti, Rhonda Greene and Vickie Kendall. First time walkers include, Debbie Tarufelli, Barb Gatti and Janae Gale.

Each Team Member has to raise of minimum of $2300.00 which goes directly to Susan G. Komen Foundation.