Cans For Cans Drive Results in 14,000 Items Donated to Food Banks

Cans For Cans Drive Results in 14,000 Items Donated to Food Banks

TRN Media representatives stand with Western Wyoming Beverages employees at the Green River Smith's for the Cans for Cans food drive. SweetwaterNOW photo by Stephanie Peterson.

ROCK SPRINGS – Western Wyoming Beverages’ annual Cans for Cans food drive has set records in the sixth year of the event, resulting in 14,041 items and $1,571 donated to area food banks and Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies.

The event took place Dec. 19 and 21 with employees of Western Wyoming Beverages standing outside participating stores throughout southwestern Wyoming collecting food, hygiene products, and monetary donations for food banks. Donors received a complimentary can of a Pepsi product for their donation.

“The unyielding spirit of solidarity in our Western Wyoming community is a constant source of inspiration,” Sean Valentine of Western Wyoming Beverages said. “The Cans for Cans initiative has been gaining remarkable momentum annually, a testament to our community’s commitment to supporting those in need. This year marks a significant expansion, with Walmart in Rock Springs and Evanston participating alongside Ridley’s in Kemmerer and Pinedale, and Burney’s in Big Piney, which joined last year. This growth has transformed Cans for Cans into a significant regional food drive, serving the broader western Wyoming area. We’re very proud to be a small part of this incredibly giving community. While we create a friendly competition to which store can collect the most items, in the end our community won, Western Wyoming won.”

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The participating grocery stores also had a friendly competition with one another to see which store could donate the most items. Event newcomer Walmart in Rock Springs won the event with 4,849 points. Total results are:

1. Walmart Rock Springs – 4,849 points
2. Smith’s Green River – 2,869 points
3. Smith’s Rock Springs – 1,900 points
4. Smith’s Evanston – 1,381 points
5. Walmart Evanston – 1,331 points
6. Burney’s Big Piney – 1,000 points
7. Ridley’s Pinedale – 910 points
8. Ridley’s Kemmerer – 487 points
9. Smith’s Jackson – 285 points

In Wyoming, one in nine people and one in eight children face food insecurity and estimates suggest those people need a combined $31.8 million more per year to meet their food needs. Also,48.7% of Wyoming households receiving SNAP benefits in 2022 had children.

Cans for Cans is part of Western Wyoming Beverages’ three-part initiative to fight food insecurity. Employees and family, along with other community partners will gather Jan. 20, 2024 to pack more than 50,000 meals during the annual Packing Out Hunger event at the Sweetwater County Events Complex. Another initiative launched by Western Wyoming Beverages, a school lunch payoff program, helps pay off students’ lunch debts.