Cathie Hughes resigns as CEO of SW-WRAP

Cathie Hughes resigns as CEO of SW-WRAP

SWEETWATER COUNTY – After founding and working for the past eight years to build SW-WRAP, Chief Executive Officer Cathie Hughes recently announced she was going to resign her position due to family health issues.

On her Facebook page, Hughes gave an update to her supporters and spoke about her decision to leave the program.

“I have resigned as CEO of SW-WRAP, due to family health issues,” Hughes said. “After eight years of focusing 100 percent of my energy, 60-70 hours a week, on building lives and restoring hope for vulnerable populations, I need to take time for my family and regroup.”

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In her statement, Hughes said she continues to have a strong passion for the program and especially with the local veterans and their families.

“My passion for, and commitment to, the foundations upon which I founded and built SW-WRAP remains. After some much needed respite, I will again pursue the continuation of the work I began, albeit through other, compatible ventures,” she continued. “My heart and Spirit remain with our veteran families, our impoverished, tribal nations, and with those who pursue justice and equality on behalf of those who cannot access or navigate the continuum of care of services to sustain basic inalienable human rights.”

In closing, she said she is proud of everything accomplished at SW-WRAP

“It has been an intense and powerful 7.5 years,” Hughes explained. “I will be working on my doctorate with Oxford, in the area of Social Research, so look forward to the next chapter of my life. I love all of you with whom I’ve worked or been associated… You all know who you are … And those hundreds whose lives have been changed through SW-WRAP, that I may or may not have known of personally.”