Chip Seal Work Continues on US 191 South of Rock Springs

Chip Seal Work Continues on US 191 South of Rock Springs

ROCK SPRINGS — The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), along with contract crews from H-K Contractors, Inc. are conducting chip seal work south of Rock Springs on US 191 throughout this week. Operations began today and will last roughly a week, weather permitting.

Traffic will be carried through the work areas at reduced speeds on a single lane using flagger and pilot cars. Drivers are advised to obey all traffic control signs and plan accordingly for delays that will occur through the work zones. Delays could last 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

WYDOT encourages drivers to slow down, increase their following distance and be aware of road conditions in order to reduce the possibility of a cracked windshield. Chip seal work is necessary to help prolong the lifespan of a pavement and keep drivers safer.

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“A chip seal is done to keep water from penetrating the paved surfaces and causing damage to the roadway, and it also provides a skid-resistant surface,” WYDOT resident Engineer Brad McCullough said.

Following the work on US 191, crews will also be working on WYO 352, Cora Road, north of Pinedale. The work is part of a district-wide contract. The completion date for the work is August 30.