City Council Votes To Establish PayPal Account As Part Of Fireworks Fundraising


ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council voted to allow Mayor Demshar to establish a PayPal account for the city to take donations for the 2018 fireworks display.

Councilor David Halter voiced his opinion that the city shouldn’t be paying staff to solicit funds from the community and would prefer that an outside non-profit should handle the collection and simply hand off the gathered funds.

Halter said that in light of the Rock Springs Chamber’s news that several businesses had stepped forward with funds, the resolution should be tabled to pursue that option.

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Mayor Demshar spoke against tabling the resolution saying that timing was an issue. He said in order to sign a contract with a fireworks display company early enough in the year to secure a show, the city would need to know how much will be raised.

Halter voted against the resolution.