City of Green River Closes Rec Center Until Further Notice and Limits Meetings

City of Green River Closes Rec Center Until Further Notice and Limits Meetings

The City of Green River has notified us that they will be following recommendations from Federal, State, and local levels in preparing for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in our community. “Although we have not had a confirmed positive case here, we need to focus on slowing the transmission of COVID-19 and reducing the chance of illness and death, while minimizing social and economic impacts.”

As part of their plan, they have implemented these measures.


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▪ The Green River Recreation Center will be closed to all patrons and all recreation programs have been suspended. Recreation programs suspended include all classes and functions at the Recreations Center, swim lessons, GRASP, leisure programs, youth sports, gymnastics, birthday parties, etc. Staff will take this time to begin a precautionary deep clean of the facilities.

▪ City departments have been directed to cancel any current or scheduled events, outside of the recreation closures, which may see gatherings of 15 or more people. We also ask that within gatherings of less than 15 people, the individuals attending must not be ill, they must not have had contact with any person known to have the virus and they must not have recently traveled to areas known to have active cases of COVID-19 in our state, nationally, or internationally. Areas where gatherings are limited include events in City facilities including City Hall, citywide departmental buildings, and the Pavilion.

See the shortened release on their Facebook page:

The City of Green River reminds everyone that there are still a lot of questions when it comes to the virus, as well as the direction on how to deal with the pandemic.

“These precautionary measures are not meant to drive panic in our community. We want to assure our citizens that each decision we make is so our community will have the best possible outcome. While we don’t have a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Sweetwater County, it doesn’t mean it isn’t here.

The purpose for these heightened measures is to help lessen the impact and delay the spread of the virus at this early stage. We have a chance to protect more people effectively while, at the same time, reducing the risk of overwhelming our hospitals and clinics and their staff, if possible. “