City of Green River Increases Funding for Projects


GREEN RIVER– The Green River City Council unanimously approved to add $725,000 to the city’s capital projects, risk management, and general funds budgets for Fiscal Year 2019 during Tuesday night’s meeting.

Finance director Chris Meats said the city’s sales tax revenue came in higher than budgeted, allowing the city to increase funding throughout the departments.

Of these funds, $500,000 will go towards economic development in Green River.

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The increase in funding will allow the departments to proceed with some of the projects that had been put on hold during the 2018 budget year.

Additional Increases in Funding

Other increases in funding include $150,000 for the Risk Management department to go towards transfer station repairs, due to the September 2018 fire.

Also, $25,000 will go towards the Streets department for more Ice Slicer to finish out the winter season. According to public works director Mark Westenskow, there have been 20 storms this winter, whereas Green River usually averages 16 storms per season. With a couple more months of winter, more Ice Slicer is needed.

Other Business

Mayor Pete Rust addressed some rumors that have been circulating regarding the city council turning away businesses who have shown interest in Green River.

Councilwoman Lisa Maes said she was recently told that the city council turned away a Fred Meyer from moving into Green River, which is not true.

Mayor Rust said the city has never turned away a business that has shown interest in coming to Green River. He said Green River’s low population is the biggest impediment to businesses coming to the area.

He said most businesses won’t even look at a community with less than 15,000 people. With Rock Springs just 12 miles away, they get the business. He added that with a Walmart in Rock Springs, most retail businesses will not consider coming to the area.