City of Green River to Apply for Federal Funding for ADA Improvements


GREEN RIVER– The City of Green River will be submitting an application for federal funding in the form of WYDOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant, for the purpose of making ADA improvements on roadway intersections.

The TAP grant would fund the City of Green River’s 2021 ADA Improvements Project.

The project would install curb ramps at intersections in portions of East Teton Boulevard, and from Bridger Drive to Alabama Drive, to facilitate the movement of wheelchair-bound and other mobility-impaired residents.

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The area for the project was selected based on the proximity to basic community facilities such as the grocery store, pharmacy, and schools, as well as housing areas that serve young families, older adults, and individuals with disabilities.

The Green River City Council unanimously approved for the city to submit an application for the TAP funding at Tuesday night’s council meeting.

The City of Green River will be submitting an application to request $136,000 in federal TAP funding. The city agreed to set aside a minimum of $34,000 as a line item in its budget for the required 20 percent local match.

If funded, the project will be completed prior to the end of 2022.