City to Profit Annually From Cell Tower Lease


GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council hosted a public hearing at last night’s meeting for the placement of a 99-foot mono-pole cellular communications tower. After no public comments were presented, the council moved on to vote on resolutions concerning the tower.

The council voted in favor for the special use permit for the construction of the communications tower on Mansface Hill, as well as a resolution for the lease of the tower on city land.

In exchange for leasing the city’s land, the city will receive an annual payment of $15,500 from Cellular Inc. Network Corporation doing business as Verizon Wireless. The lease also includes a 2 percent escalation clause concerning the rent payments for the 30-foot by 40-foot piece of city land.

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Because the placement of the tower is on Mansface Hill, Laura Leigh, City’s Head of Community Development said the tower required more thorough review before approval. Leigh said the area of land is included in the Bronze Belt Overlay Zone, created in the 1980s, 1990s to help protect the Green River bluffs.

Leigh said during the initial Planning and Zoning Commission, there was one concern voiced by a citizen who lives near the area of construction. She said the citizen was concerned about rocks falling down to her house during the time of construction. To address this concern, Verizon Wireless resubmitted the plans including the construction of a fence surrounding the area before construction begins.

The council voted in favor of the communications tower permit and lease across the board. Councilman Gary Killpack was absent from the meeting.