Clark Stith Selected To Replace Baker In House District 48

Rep. Clark Stith.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Clark Stith was selected this morning to replace Mark Baker as House District 48 Representative.

In accordance with state law, the Chairman of the Sweetwater County Republican Party called a meeting of the Republican Precinct Committeemen and Precinct Committeewomen representing the precincts that make up Wyoming House District 48.

The meeting was be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. at 6:00 pm at the White Mountain Library, located at 2935 Sweetwater Drive in Rock Springs.

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During the meeting, a list of three persons qualified to fill a vacancy in the office of Wyoming House District 48 was drawn up.

The list of three qualified candidates selected at this meeting were forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for Sweetwater County who appointed Stith to fill the vacancy.

The other candidates to fill the position were, Rick Cozad, and Aaron Woodbury.