Collaborations Focus on Making SWCSD No. 1 Schools Safer

Collaborations Focus on Making SWCSD No. 1 Schools Safer

ROCK SPRINGS – Sweetwater County School District No. 1 worked diligently throughout the summer on school safety.

In June, the district collaborated with Homeland Security, Rock Springs Police Department, Rock Springs Fire Department and the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office participating in a school safety presentation by John-Michael Keyes of the “I Love U Guys” foundation.

Following the presentation, Officer Meddler of the RSPD trained the leadership team which included central administration leaders as well as principals, directors, and coordinators on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

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The Standard Response Protocol plan was created by the “I Love U Guys” foundation to create a uniform response to incidents. The four symbols and phrases above are the specific actions that can be performed.

More information on the “I Love U Guys” foundation can be found here. TheSRP posters will be found in every classroom and every hallway of the buildings in Sweetwater No. 1.

Staff members will have a summary of the four actions on the back of their ID badges, which they are required to wear at all times in the district.


District All Staff Meeting

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, the district held an all staff meeting at Rock Springs High School. The focus of the meeting was School Safety. The Department of Homeland Security brought back Mr. John-Michael Keyes to address the entire staff and introduce the Standard Response Protocol.


Crisis Management Plan & App

In tandem with the SRP, Sweetwater No. 1 is utilizing SchoolDude’s Crisis Manager app to distribute the new Crisis Management Plan to staff, students, and parents. If ever in a crisis situation within the district, the app offers quick and easy access to step by step directions on what to do in a specific situation.

Download the “SchoolDude Crisis Manager” application on your mobile device.  Instructions on how to use our plan are here.


Evacuation Plans

In July, Sweetwater Np. 1 met with the Rock Springs Fire Department to identify standard evacuation routes for each building. The evacuation plans are another step in the direction of school safety, common language, and partnerships with public safety officials.


Safety Drills

Wyoming state statute requires monthly safety drills for all public and private schools. With the new SRP, these drills can be one of the following four: Lockout, Lockdown, Shelter, or Evacuate. Sweetwater No. 1 intends to continue to foster the partnership with public safety. RSPD and RSFD will be asked to attend and participate in drills throughout the district.

Special guests left to right: John-Michael Keyes, Mark Trimble (WOHS), Superintendent McGovern, Chief Dwane Pacheco (RSPD), Sheriff Mike Lowell (SWCSO), Sergeant David Thompson (RSPD), Amy Taylor (RSFD), Nathan Reese (RSFD)


Mr. John-Michael Keyes of the “I Love You Guys” Foundation.


Officer Medler addressed the staff regarding training and SRP follow-up meetings that took place in each building over the next couple of days.