Commissioners Approve 3% Cost of Living Adjustment

Commissioners Approve 3% Cost of Living Adjustment

SWEETWATER COUNTY – County employees will see a bump on their July pay stubs after the commissioners approved a 3% cost of living adjustment Tuesday morning.

The increase will impact employees of core county agencies, such as the Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office, the Sweetwater County Treasurer’s Office, and others. The increase will not extend to elected officials.

Island Richards said he supports the increase because despite whatever cuts are made before they approve their budget, the COLA increase is his top priority in the budget. Board Chairman Keaton West said the commissioners have a lot of work to do on the budget still, but in the calculations he’s done, he hasn’t omitted the cost of living adjustment. 

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Prior to unanimously approving the raise, the commissioners vocally supported the move.

“I fully support this, I think that our employees are our most important asset – we’ve said that for a long time – I think this actually shows we’re putting something behind that,” Commissioner Robb Slaughter said.

The increase will take effect July 1.