Commissioners Approve Change to Planning and Zoning Appointment

Commissioners Approve Change to Planning and Zoning Appointment

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Randy Hansen was reappointed to the Sweetwater County Planning and Zoning Board and an error was brought to the county’s attention.

The Sweetwater County Commissioners unanimously made the appointment on Tuesday after it was brought to their attention that a recent appointment to the board had to be from an unincorporated area of the county.

At their last regular meeting in June, the commission voted to put Linda McGovern on the Planning and Zoning Commission. She was filling the position left vacant by Randy Hansen. Commissioner John Kolb said he spoke to McGovern, who informed him she had also been appointed to the Tourism Board and would not have a problem with the commission reappointing someone new.

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Chairman Wally Johnson explained Hansen was not aware that he had to fill out a new application to be reappointed and would be interested in returning to the board. The commission unanimously appointed him to the board.