Commissioners Approve Zoning Change for Residential Subdivision West of Green River


SWEETWATER COUNTY– Two Separate parcels west of Green River will be subdivided into a 40 lots subdivision with the purpose of establishing a residential subdivision northwest of the Rolling Green Country Club.

The Sweetwater County Commissioners approved the requested Map Zone Amendment from Agriculture (A) to Single Family Residential (R-1) at Tuesday’s meeting.

The property owners and the applicants Randy Laughter and Lane Fillingim submitted a residential subdivision plat application in November 2018 with the purpose of establishing a residential subdivision northwest of the Green River golf course off Gaensslen Road.

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The R-1 Zoning is intended to accommodate single family subdivisions, requiring urban services to be available and accessible. Therefore, urban amenities including power, public water, and public roads will be available.

The Preliminary Plate, or plan, has been approved, and it will go before the Planning and Zoning Commission in April for authorization to move to the Final Plat stage.

The subdivision has been named the Ranch View Subdivision.

Chairman Wally Johnson said the current commission and prior commissions have always wanted to promote “quality growth, and this meets that criteria”.

Johnson added that the area northwest of the golf course is very nice for development.

Commissioner Randy Wendling agreed, saying the subdivision will provide quality growth.

“It’s great for Green River,” Wendling said.

Other Business

The commissioners also unanimously approved a budget amendment to increase Sweetwater Medics’ budget by $21,667 each month for the next four months through the fiscal year.

Starting July 1, the $21,667 will be funded on a month-to-month basis.

The funds will come out of the county’s reserves.