Commissioners vote support for Resource Rendezvous

Commissioners vote support for Resource Rendezvous

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Not only did the Sweetwater County Commissioners show support financially to the Resource Rendezvous but they also gave the event Uncle John.

Don Hartley of the Enterprise Committee of the Rock Springs Chamber approached the commissioners about the event. The Resource Rendezvous is an event designed to give students exposure to the natural resources based industries in southwest Wyoming.

Hartley said it gives students a chance to see what business looks like and who their employees are.

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The event takes place at the Sweetwater Events Complex every two years. Hartley explained over a thousand students, mostly fifth and sixth graders, attend the event with their teachers. The physical set up is similar to a trade show.

Participating organizations have a booth, visited by the students, where information is presented. Hartley explained this is the first time many of the students are introduced to the industries and companies that develop the areas natural resources which form the basis for Sweetwater County’s economy.

Participants include mining companies, refiners, oil and gas developers, service industries, agricultural producers and others. School curriculum requires students to be exposed to potential career opportunities. The Rendezvous helps fulfill that requirement.

It also provides operators with an opportunity to expose young students to the potential of employment with the organizations.

When asking for support, Hartley said in the past the commissioners have provided monetary support in the form of $500.

Hartley explained that in the past Public Works Director John Radosevich and his staff have been part of the event, working with students. Hartley joked he is even portrayed as Uncle John.

The Commission unanimously approved the request although Commissioner John Kolb said he had issues because the amount of money requested was not in his packet.

The event is sponsored by the Enterprise Committee of the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce with Tammy Valdez being the long serving major organizer. Jan Erickson, Sweetwater County School District No. 1, is a major coordinator. Numerous organizations provide support to the effort through their financial support. The School Districts provide the transportation.