Contrast and Balance Art Student Show on Display in Western’s Art Gallery

Rose Klein created this self-portrait created in the collage workshop in conjunction with the Espirit de France Art Show at Western.

ROCK SPRINGS– Contrast and Balance opens in the Western Wyoming Community College Art Gallery December 7 through January 9. The reception and ceramic sale will be take place from 4:30 to 7 pm, December 7th.

First Semester Art Foundation Program Students Show Their Work

The art students’ show at Western Wyoming Community College is the culmination of a first semester Art Foundation Program that prepares students to major and advance within the applied and fine arts area.

Students from Design: 2D, Drawing I, Digital Imaging I, Photo I, Painting I and all levels of Ceramics display the best of their efforts. Students who participate in the art program are in-state, out of state and international students, who are also of traditional and non- traditional ages.

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Students’ learning opportunities this fall semester have included a guest artist workshop given by Lilianne Milgrom, in conjunction with the collage show Esprit de France that was held in the art gallery.

Katelynn Carter’s self-portrait produced in the collage workshop given by guest artist Lilianne Milgrom, at Western.

A Variety of Subject Matter and Techniques on Display

Examples of student work from this workshop encompassing a variety of subject matter will be presented in Contrast and Balance, the art students’ show. The work demonstrates multiple techniques of collage application and finish.

Introductory courses In Design, Painting and Drawing are taught by Professor of Art, Florence McEwin. “We have a large and talented entering class of art majors who are taking foundation this semester.

Monica Ayala Barahona’s self-portrait created in the collage workshop in conjunction with the Espirit de France Art Show at Western.

Foundation majors go on to undertake programs in both applied and fine arts and will become everything from teachers to animators,” according to Professor McEwin. Photo and digital course work within art is instructed by Hank Ketelsen.

Students transfer design information and understanding into the photographic vocabulary and techniques learned in these courses. That same design vocabulary of contrast and balance takes a transformation into clay vessels and forms in ceramic course work, taught by Bart Fetz.

This self-portrait was produced by Caitlin Ramirez in the collage workshop given by Lilianne Milgrom, at Western.

For More Information

The reception this Friday evening, December 7, will take place in the art gallery and is free and open to the public. It is a celebration of semester’s end and art.

For more information regarding the Show, please contact Dr. Florence McEwin at, or visit the Mustang Connections App