County Commission Takes Care of Start of the Year Business


SWEETWATER COUNTY—The Sweetwater County Board of Commissioners had their first meeting of the new year today, in which they elected a chairman, designated a paper of record, and made board appointments.

Election of the Chairman

The commission elected Wally Johnson as the chairman in a 3-1 vote. Commissioners Johnson, Roy Lloyd, and Jeffrey Smith voted in favor, while Randy Wendling voted against. Commissioner Don Van Matre was absent from the meeting.

“I desire dearly to be chairman for the county commission. I’m somewhat selfish about that and I don’t get selfish too often,” Wendling said.

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Wendling said he would support whatever the commission decided, but he felt he had to “respectfully” vote no.

“I’m happy to serve, I’m honored to serve, and I’ll serve to the best of my abilities,” Johnson said.

The motion was tabled at the start of the meeting, because the commission felt Van Matre should be there to discuss the matter.

However, the motion was untabled later in the meeting, as Sweetwater County Treasurer Robb Slaughter expressed some concerns regarding not having a chairman to sign for the county’s warrants.

“We need to have the signature of the chairman of the county commission, as well as the new county clerk, and my signature for our warrants going forward,” Slaughter said.

“To table that motion, to postpone that for two months could have affected our payments going forward.”

2019 Newspaper Designee

The Sweetwater County Commission unanimously chose the Rocket Miner as its newspaper designee for 2019.

The newspaper designee for 2018 was the Green River Star, which was the first time it was chosen as the designated paper in 10 years.

Commissioner Smith asked if the commission typically rotated between the two papers. Johnson said they had rotated between them before, but they used the Rocket Miner for a few years in a row because it supposedly had better circulation.

Commissioner Lloyd asked if the designation had to be a print newspaper or if it could be an online news institution.

Deputy County Attorney John Deleon said, according to Wyoming Statute, it must be a print newspaper.

The county’s newspaper designee publishes the county’s legal information. This includes public notices and meeting minutes.

Board Appointments

The Sweetwater County Commissioners made board appointments to the Weed and Pest Control District, the Events Complex Fair Board, and the Parks and Recreation Board.

Weed and Pest Control

Jon Aimone, Randy Laughter, and Travis Baker were unanimously reappointed to the Weed and Pest Control District, and will serve four-year terms.

Aimone represents east of Farson and north of I-80. Laughter represents McKinnon, Granger, and everything west of Green River. Baker represents Farson and south of Hwy 28.

Fair Board

Rob Zotti was reappointed to the Sweetwater Events Complex Fair Board in a 4-0 vote.

Replacing Charles Barnum, who did not reapply, will be Paul Zancanella. Zancanella received a 3-1 vote, with Commissioner Lloyd against.

Zotti and Zancanella will both serve five-year terms.

Parks and Recreation

Replacing Traci Ciepiela on the Parks and Recreation Board, as she moved out of state, will be Danielle Schumacher. The county commissioners voted unanimously to appoint Schumacher.

Schumacher will serve Ciepiela’s unexpired term through July 1, 2022.