County Commissioners Approve Employee Holiday Incentives

County Commissioners Approve Employee Holiday Incentives

GREEN RIVER — The Sweetwater County Commissioners approved for county employees either a bonus of $1,000 or a $500 bonus with two floating holidays.

The incentives were able to be awarded after sales tax revenue came in around $604,000 ahead of what was anticipated.

County employees did not receive a Cost of Living Adjustment in FY16-17 and haven’t received one since FY14-15 when they got a 2.5% increase. They did receive a $1,500 holiday incentive in FY15-16

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The holiday incentives approved will cost just over $250,000.

Commissioners also discussed using the extra revenue to hire at the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, where Commissioner Wally Johnson said cuts were too deep.

The Sherriff’s Office requests $200,200 to hire six additional employees for two court security officers, two detention officers, and two control room workers.

Johnson opposed the program in favor of a days-off-only plan.