County Museum Provides Virtual Presentation for Elementary Students

County Museum Provides Virtual Presentation for Elementary Students

Mrs. Atkins class at Monroe Elementary School enjoys the virtual tour provided by the Sweetwater County Historical Museum.

The Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River recently treated Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes to a live, virtual mini-tour of the museum.

Via cell phone and a live video link, Aidan Brady, the museum’s Public Engagement Coordinator, brought the museum to Mrs. Adkins’s classroom at Monroe School in Green River.   

Brady’s topics included the history of the Christmas tree, vintage Christmas presents like Slinkies and Russian nesting dolls, dinosaurs, and the fact that Green River was once the bottom of a huge prehistoric lake.

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The video link enabled Brady to interact directly with Mrs. Adkins and her students, and he answered many questions from the children.

Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady walked the museum with his cell phone which connected to a live video link for the kids.

At a time when in-person museum visits can be problematic for student groups, virtual tours and presentations offer effective alternative strategies. Educators, parents, and parent-teacher groups who are interested in learning more about programs for students Grades K – 12 are encouraged to contact the museum at (307) 872-6435 or via email at