COVID-19 Hospitalizations Below 20 as Wyoming Prepares to Lift Restrictions

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Below 20 as Wyoming Prepares to Lift Restrictions

CHEYENNE — Wyoming ended the week with 18 COVID-19 Coronavirus-related hospitalizations, according to the Wyoming Department of Health’s (WDH) COVID-19 hospitalization report.

Hospitalizations peaked at 24 this week on March 7 and again on March 9. For the third week in a row, Wyoming has managed to keep its COVID-19 related hospitalizations in the 20s and below.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) has the most hospitalizations in the state with six patients, which is up by two from a week ago. St. John’s Medical Center out of Jackson has the next most patients with three. CRMC has 16 of 25 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds available, while St. John’s has three out of six beds.

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The WDH reports that there have been 46,714 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, 45,702 case recoveries, and 691 deaths since the pandemic started in Wyoming. That’s an increase of nine deaths since last week. The state currently has 8,449 probable cases and 410 active cases, compared to 460 active cases last Friday.

This WHD graph shows how Wyoming’s COVID-19 hospitalizations numbers have continued to drop since November 30, 2020.

According to the White House COVID-19 Task Force, Wyoming had a 1.9 percent 14-day positivity rate from February 25 through March 10. This places Wyoming in the “yellow zone” which means the state has moderate transmission levels.

As for vaccine distribution, the WDH reports Wyoming has administered 79 percent of the first dose received and 74 percent of the second dose. Wyoming has received 140,780 first doses and has administered 114,912 of them. The state has received 95,075 second doses, and has administered 71,831 of them, according to the WDH.

This WDH graph shows how much of the COVID-19 vaccines the state has received in comparison to how much has been administered to residents.

Starting Tuesday, March 16, the statewide mask mandate will be lifted, and restaurants, bars, and gyms will be able to operate as normal. Despite the health orders changing, state health officer and state epidemiologist Dr. Alexia Harrist said people should still practice personal responsibility.

“With fewer cases, hospitalizations and deaths at this point, our overall situation related to the pandemic is encouraging,” Dr. Harrist said. “But COVID-19 has not yet gone away so we need to act with caution and personal responsibility for a while longer to ensure progress in the right direction while our vaccination efforts continue.”

Sweetwater County

The WDH reports Sweetwater County has had 3,725 lab-confirmed cases, 3,647 case recoveries, and 36 deaths since the start of the pandemic. There are currently 146 probable cases and 47 active cases, compared to 81 active cases last Friday.

The WDH’s March 12 hospitalization report shows Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has one COVID-19 related hospitalization and seven of its nine ICU beds are open.

The White House COVID-19 Task Force shows that Sweetwater County had a 6.6 percent 14-day positivity rate from February 25 through March 10. Sweetwater County has the highest positivity rate in the state, ahead of Platte County with a 5.1 percent positivity rate, and Campbell County with 5 percent. This places Sweetwater County in the “orange zone”, indicating that the county has moderately-high transmission levels.

Just last week, the county’s transmission levels were in the “red zone” meaning Sweetwater County had high transmission levels. Over the past week, Sweetwater County’s 14-day positivity rate dropped from 11.7.

Following Governor Mark Gordon’s announcement to lift the statewide mask mandate, Sweetwater County public health officials expressed their concern over the decision, due to the county having the highest level of transmission across the state.

To help with transmission levels, public health officials are encouraging Sweetwater County residents to get vaccinated.