COVID-19 Update: Hospital Continues Treating High Number of Virus Patients

COVID-19 Update: Hospital Continues Treating High Number of Virus Patients

SWEETWATER COUNTY — While the county’s COVID-19 transmission rates are decreasing slightly, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is still feeling the impacts of the most recent COVID-19 surge.

Sweetwater County Public Health officials released its weekly COVID-19 update yesterday. We, took a look at it, and found new information to pass along to our readers.

Here is what’s new.

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Sweetwater County Public Health

“We want emphasize the importance of isolating for the full 10 days if you have tested positive
for COVID-19. Stay home to avoid exposing and infecting others who may develop significant
illness from COVID-19 disease,” public health stated.

As of October 14, Sweetwater County is around an 11 percent positivity for its 14-day rolling average, with 128 active cases, down 1 percent from last week. As for transmission levels, the county is still in the “red zone,” meaning transmission levels are high.

There have been 75 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths to date.

“We are aware of a number of additional deaths, but vital statistics is currently lagging one to two months behind in reporting,” public health stated. From September 1 to October 7, there were 38 deaths from COVID-19 in Sweetwater County.

DatesSweetwater County Positive Cases
July 4-1034
July 11-1732
July 18-2447
July 25-3151
August 1-745
August 8-1490
August 15-21149
August 22-28206
August 29-September 4258
September 5-11276
September 12-18285
September 19-25287
September 26-October 2198
October 3-9154
Sweetwater County Positive Cases for the last 11 weeks.


As of October 11, a little more than 36 percent are fully vaccinated in Sweetwater County.

From October 1-13, public health administered 461 COVID-19 vaccinations. Booster shot demand has driven the increase in COVID-19 vaccinations.

The FDA is meeting today to discuss Moderna and J&J booster doses. The ACIP meets October 20-21 to review the FDA decision and make recommendations. The CDC will then make a final determination. Moderna and J&J booster doses could be authorized to administer as early as October 22

“If approved, we expect there will continue to be an increased demand for COVID-19 vaccinations,” public health stated.

Walk-in COVID/Flu Clinics scheduled at the Events Complex from 1-4 p.m.

  • October 19
  • October 26
  • November 9
  • November 16
  • November 23
  • November 30

Pfizer boosters are available. If the ACIP recommends and CDC authorized the boosters, Moderna and J&J boosters will be available as well.

Wyoming Department of Health’s latest vaccination graph.

Hospital Update

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County continues to treat a high number of COVID-19 positive patients.

In addition, the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) cases began earlier than usual this year and are on the rise. Without widespread use of masks, influenza also is expected to bring in more severe cases. This comes during a severe shortage of nurses and clinical staff. Patient transfers to regional hospitals for higher levels of care continue to be limited and on a case-by-case basis.

COVID-19 cases continue to take a toll on MHSC staff and resources. The majority of the COVID-19 patients MHSC is caring for are unvaccinated.

In the Emergency Room
Through October 12, the ER staff has cared for an average of 37.5 patients per day, compared to 42 visits per day during the same period in October 2020.

In September, the ER staff cared for an average of 42 patients per day, compared to about 34 visits per day in September 2020.

In August, the ER recorded 46 patient visits per day in August, compared to about 39 during the same month in 2020.

Average Daily Inpatient Census
Here are some averages (fiscal years run from July to June) including ALL inpatients from different time periods:

  • FY 2018-19 prior to the pandemic: 12.6 inpatients
  • FY 2019-20 including start of the pandemic: 11.0
  • FY 2020-21 during pandemic: 11.4
  • November 2020 through January 2021: 13.8
  • June through August 2021: 11.2
  • September: 20 (From 12 to 34 total inpatients per day)
  • October through Oct. 12: 21 (from 16 to 27 inpatients per day)

Average Length of Patient Stay
Here some length-of-stay averages including ALL inpatients from different time periods:

  • FY 2018-19 prior to pandemic: 2.9 days
  • FY 2019-20 including start of the pandemic: 2.8
  • FY 2020-21 during pandemic: 3.0
  • November 2020 through January 2021: 3.6
  • June through August 2021: 3.1
  • September: 4.6
  • October: 4.2

For Sweetwater Memorial’s daily coronavirus update, go to

Western’s update

Western Wyoming Community College is reporting five new confirmed COVID-19 cases, six active cases and 44 recovered cases since the beginning of the school year.

Western’s Board of Trustees put a mask mandate place and it will continue through Tuesday, October 19.