“Cup Lady” Gives New Meaning to Community Service

“Cup Lady” Gives New Meaning to Community Service

Linda Rood shows a few local children how to arrange cups for a rainbow design.

ROCK SPRINGS — If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood of longtime resident, Linda Rood, you’ll more than likely see her elaborative fence art made out of plastic cups. The eye-popping designs range from the American flag to bumble bees. But more interesting than any of her intricate designs is the reason behind her colorful efforts: community service.

Years ago while passing through Evanston, Wyoming, Rood noticed a message that said, “Be Safe,” on the fence of a school. The cups lodged into the fence sparked her interest in the hobby and with her new found inspiration, the rest is as they say; history.

With a large fence of her own to portray images made out of cups, Rood began coming up with her own designs and displaying them to her neighbors and those who passed by. Each art piece is inspired by an image she sees in a book or her imagination. Her collection of over 500 cups in her garage grants her creativity unlimited possibilities.

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Rood created this bumblebee after seeing a picture of a bumble bee in a magazine.

Throughout the six years that Rood has been doing fence art she has received many compliments from onlookers. But perhaps her most memorable experience came from an anonymous person who sent her $60 in the mail to go towards buying more cups.

Rood’s response was perfect:

“I had no idea who it was so I put ‘Thank You’ up on the fence,” Rood said. “That made my heart happy.”

Nicknamed the “Cup Lady” by the neighborhood kids, Rood has come to find much joy in putting together her masterpieces for the community. While community service takes on various forms, her cups entertain, beautify and bring joy.

The American flag stays up throughout the year on the fence.

“My neighbors love it,” Rood said. “They come by and want to know what I’m making. The little kids try to guess. It’s a lot of fun. It’s brought a lot of joy to my life.”

Rood serves as a reminder of the importance of community service and that even the simplest things can make the biggest difference where you live.