Daugherty Files Second Discrimination Suit Against Rock Springs Police Department

Two female police officers have filed separate lawsuits against the RSPD alleging discrimination because they were pregnant.

ROCK SPRINGS — A second Rock Springs police officer has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the city alleging she was denied a chance at promotion because she was pregnant.

Earlier this week the Casper Star-Tribune website, Trib.com, reported that Corporal Amanda Clawson-Walker filed a suit against the city in federal court for a similar allegation.

Now, the website is reporting that Officer Amanda Daugherty filed a second lawsuit today. Daugherty is alleging that the RSPD refused to reschedule a physical agility test required for a promotion because of her pregnancy.

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The filing also contains a notice stating that “a federal agency found reasonable cause to believe the police department violated civil rights laws” by allegedly discriminating against Daugherty and other women in the department.

Clawson-Walker filed her lawsuit in federal court on Monday shortly before 5 p.m. SweetwaterNOW will have more on this story as it develops.