Davidson Family Dental Donates Oral Hygiene Kits for Cancer Patients


ROCK SPRINGS — On Thursday, May 30, 2019, Davidson Family Dental staff gathered together at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County and donated boxes of oral hygiene kits for cancer patients to the Sweetwater County Regional Cancer Center and the Waldner House.

The kits included many useful products such as an oral sponge, lip balm, soft bristle toothbrush, dry mouth toothpaste and instructions for oral care. The goal of the donation was to help improve oral health of patients who visit the Cancer Center and Waldner House.

The donation greatly helps the Waldner House which was mostly founded upon donations. Ken Waldner, a cancer patient who traveled frequently, wished for a more home-like place to stay during his treatments. After his passing, the family and hospital worked to establish the Waldner House in his memory which has been up and running for the last two years. Patients who are in need of lodging are welcomed with open arms.

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Currently the Waldner House doesn’t have many service opportunities for the community, but donations to the Waldner House are always welcome. From vacuums to the recently donated oral hygiene kits, the Waldner House will put to use any donations. Donations and inquiries about the Waldner House can be sent to the House Manager at 307-371-7594 or the Foundation at 307-352-8234.