Dog Bite Victim Avoids Rabies Shots After Owner Comes Forward

Zachary Walker suffered a bite injury on Thursday morning.

GREEN RIVER — The owner of a dog involved in an attack Thursday has come forward and a Green River man should be able to avoid rabies treatments.

The man underwent plastic surgery on his lip today due to a dog bite allegedly suffered around closing time Thursday morning at the Club 86 Lounge and Liquor Store.

The bite reportedly occurred when Zachary Walker bent down to interact with a dog and was bitten on the lip.

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The dog and owner reportedly left the scene and are unknown to the victim.

The victim was taken to the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County before being sent to Utah to seek treatment from a plastic surgeon.

The victim’s mother Sharon Burdette contacted SweetwaterNOW requesting the public’s assistance in locating the dog in hopes of her son avoid a potentially unnecessary series of rabies treatments.

At roughly the same time the owner of the dog contacted Green River Animal Control and the dog has been placed on observation for ten days.