Eleven Injured in Crash Near Wheatland Today

Eleven Injured in Crash Near Wheatland Today

A Wyoming Highway Patrol investigation shows that the bus driver failed to negotiate a curve on a service road just south of Wheatland.

CHEYENNE — An early morning crash involving a Van Hool coach bus left 11 people injured near Wheatland earlier this morning.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol was notified of the crash involving the coach bus at milepost 5.9 on the service road of Interstate 25 just south of Wheatland.

Emergency crews found the bus on its side when they arrived. A total of 40 occupants were on the bus at the time of the crash. The 11 people injured were transported to the Platte County Memorial Hospital for treatment.

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An investigation revealed that the bus driver had failed to negotiate a curve to the left and drove off the right side of the roadway causing the bus to overturn.

The occupants were contracted to work at a farm in the State of Washington and were coming from Texas, according to a statement from the WHP.

Due to the cold weather, emergency vehicles and a tow truck driver’s personal vehicle were used to transport the remaining occupants to the Wheatland Fire Training Center, where the Platte County Emergency Management is assisting the occupants with food and lodging. 

The bus driver has been identified as a 55-year-old male from Texas, and he was not injured in the crash.