Events Complex Foundation Plans to Build Entertainment Pavilion


ROCK SPRINGS – The Sweetwater Events Complex Foundation is undertaking its first major project, which is to add an entertainment pavilion to the facility.

The new building, which is in its initial planning stages with a rough rendering so far, would be a unique space for corporate parties, weddings, and social fundraisers.

The foundation, which was formed in April 2015, has been looking at additional revenue sources for the Sweetwater Events Complex.

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“As budgets get cut, we still need to move forward,” said Marketing and Event Coordinator Lena Warren.

The foundation is a non-profit that acts similar to the hospital foundation or the college foundation, raising money to put back into the facilities.

Warren said it’s a way to invest in the Events Complex and make it more appealing to the local and national events.

The Sweetwater Events Complex is currently booked 365 days a year with around 850 events in a given year.

Even finding an evening to have the upcoming fundraiser for this building, the Bootlegger’s Bash on Jan. 19, was a challenge because the place is usually booked a year in advance.

“January 19 was the only day I had open until May or June,” said Warren. They almost need the new building just to have the fundraiser to build the new building.