Events Complex Horse Stalls Ready—Hopefully—By Next June


ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater County Fair Board received an update that the horse stalls should be finished by next summer if the weather cooperates.

Sweetwater Events Complex Marketing & Events Manager Kandi Pendleton provided a report at the Tuesday meeting regarding the progress toward completion of the new horse stalls.

“We’re hoping for a mild winter so that we can put up stalls and roofs all winter long,” Pendleton said.

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Assuming that happens, Pendleton added that she is hoping that all of the new stalls will be finished and usable by June 1, 2018, in time for the Wyoming High School Rodeo Finals.

No Horse Racing at Fair

The board in charge of statewide horse racing took a negative view of moving up the dates for Sweetwater Downs events in 2018.

Pendleton said that there had been hope that the racing board would approve moving up the dates for horse races to coincide in part with the county fair, Wyoming’s Big Show.

However, in a meeting which Pendleton and board chairman McCann had with the horse racing board, the idea of moving up the dates was not acted upon.

Racing dates in 2018 will continue to be on the last weekend of August and the first two weekends of September.

Premium Payments

Marty Henry, Sweetwater County 4-H/Youth Development Educator, provided a report to the fair board, which included a listing of concerns expressed by 4-H parents and participants regarding the 2017 county fair.

Among the concerns were premium payouts which were delayed.

Pendleton responded that some of the fair’s volunteer staff may have been unaware of exactly where the premium payouts were taking place. The volunteers next year will be better informed.