Explosives tabled at Planning and Zoning meeting

Explosives tabled at Planning and Zoning meeting

ROCK SPRINGS – A proposal to allow Halliburton to store explosives at their Blairtown location was tabled for now.

At the Rock Springs Planning and Zoning meeting Wednesday night, the proposal was on the agenda. Assistant City Planner Brian Heaton reported to the commission there was some issues and they wanted to table the proposal. He explained to the commission  they were visited by a lawyer from an adjacent property owner, the Union Pacific Railroad.

Heaton said they had several issues and felt it would be better to table the proposal while both sides discussed the issue.

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Heaton also said Bill McCurtain inquired about the proposal. Heaton said McCurtain did not have any complaints and just wanted information about the project.

For now, the proposal is on the table but will be up for discussion at a future Planning and Zoning meeting.