Family Housing Comes to Western Wyoming Community College

Family Housing Comes to Western Wyoming Community College

One of the dorms at Western Wyoming Community College. SweetwaterNOW file photo

ROCK SPRINGS — Housing for married students with young families will now be available at Western Wyoming Community College.

Dean of Students Dustin Conover addressed the Western Board of Trustees at their April 13 meeting to acknowledge that in the past, when asked if Western had housing for students with spouses and children, his answer would have had to be “No.” Not anymore.

For a price of $3,190 per semester, a family of four can have a 2-bedroom apartment on the Western campus. Each family apartment has one bathroom, a full kitchen, living and dining rooms, and a 24/7 laundry room located on the ground floor.

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Naturally, some reasonable restrictions apply.

As might be expected, at least one of the parents must be a Western student who is enrolled in at least 1 credit hour per semester in the Fall and Spring semesters. The Board of Trustees opened up campus housing to part-time students earlier this academic year.  Moreover, the family living in campus housing can have no more than four members. The family can consist of, for example, two parents and up to two children, or one parent and three children. A “child” can be either, for example, two years old or of adult age.

A family is allowed to provide their own beds, and if that is done, the college beds will be put in storage. However, no waterbeds are allowed.

“Waterbeds are an accident waiting to happen,” Conover said. “That’s a lot of water.” 

Conover added that families cannot bring in additional furniture of their own. Other than beds, no college-owned furniture will be allowed to be removed from the apartment.

The family will be charged each semester for the “Family Housing Rate” for a 2-bedroom apartment and the charge will be added to the account of the parent who is registered for Western classes. A family can request to have the meal plan requirement waived by contacting the office of the Dean of Students.

All other housing rules and regulations continue to apply. Requests for further information regarding the campus housing option for families can be sent to or else to (307) 382- 1888.

In response to a question from Trustee Kenneth Lorimer, Conover said there is ample parking available for families at Western, “unlike a lot of other colleges.” The Dean of Students added that Western’s insurers are fine with the family housing option.

Nursing, Math and Science Reports

School of Health Sciences Chair Heidi Brown presented her annual report to the Board, highlighting such accomplishments as the nursing program outcomes all being at or above the expected level of achievement.

The nursing program headcount stood at 76 as of October 2022, with 37 students on track to graduate in May. There has been a drop in the number of nursing applicants, though. As of March 27, four days before the closure date for nursing applications, there were 89 applicants for the nursing program for Fall 2023.

School of Mathematics and Science Chair Sarah Pauley also presented her annual report to the Board. Pauley had numerous highlights to report, including the Outdoor Recreation Department having received a $2,000 Quality of Life Walmart Community Grant for purchase of student supplies for Outdoor courses.

A Wilderness Skills Certificate option will be available starting in Fall 2023 as part of the Outdoor Recreation Program.