Victims Identified; Fire Investigation Timeline Outlined

Victims Identified; Fire Investigation Timeline Outlined

ROCK SPRINGS — The investigation continues into a tragic structure fire that occurred on Connecticut Avenue early on May 25th and resulted in the death of a Rock Springs couple.

Floyd Logan, 79, and Joyce Logan, 72, were identified as the victims of the house fire.

Autopsies are being conducted in the case because the deaths were unattended. An autopsy is standard practice if a physician is not present when someone dies.

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The State Fire Marshall’s Office is conducting an investigation into the fire, and the results are expected to take at least a week to be released.

Rock Springs Fire Chief Jim Wamsley explained that the process of investigating a fire starts with thoroughly photographing the scene and then working from the areas of least damage to the areas of most damage, which tend to indicate the general area that contains the source of the fire.

The investigator then uses their knowledge of fire behavior to pinpoint a cause and point of origin.

They then verify that the suspected source of the fire matches the fire’s observed behavior. An example being the presence of electrical arc burns in the case of an electrical ignition source.

Wamsley said that he could not comment on whether the home was equipped with working smoke detectors, citing the ongoing investigation.

Preliminary findings in the investigation indicate that the fire was accidental in nature. The structure sustained severe smoke damage throughout the residence, however the structure is not a threat to neighboring residences.

Fire Chief Jim Wamsley commended all of the firefighters that responded to the scene for doing a great job. Chief Wamsley said, “thank you to all of the public safety officials and law enforcement responders for doing a tremendous job of keeping the scene isolated and being an active part of the investigation.”

Chief Wamsley also thanks the public for respecting the family during their time of loss.

To help protect yourself in case of a fire, Fire Chief Wamsley suggests the following to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared:

  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors frequently
  • Check to ensure your fire extinguisher is in good condition (shows pressure on the gauge, and is not missing any parts)
  • Establish fire escape plans for each area of your home
  • Ensure you have a means of notifying someone in case of an emergency such as a phone near you

Finally, if your smoke detector is not working or you do not have one, please call Rock Springs Fire Department at 307-352-1475. Rock Springs Fire Department has a smoke detector program and will inspect your current devices and can install new units in some cases.