Five Rock Springs High School tennis players receive 2014 All-State honors


CASPER – After a strong year, the Rock Springs tennis squads had more to celebrate as several Tigers and Lady Tigers were named All-State this year.

On the boy’s side, it was all about the doubles teams. Cole Alexander, Jameson Fuja, Kelby Kramer and Benson Nguyen were all honored as top players in the state this year. Fuja and Kramer won the 4A South Regional Titles and followed in with a second-place at the 2014 State Tournament. Alexander and Nguyen also came in second at the the State Championships.

On the girl’s side, Zoe Baldwin and Lexy Newman were honored with an All-State selection. Newman and Bladwin were strong all year and at state battled through a tough consolation bracket to take home third in the state.

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2014 All-State Selections


Dawson Miessler – Gillette

Tim Hayes – Gillette

Logan Myers – Gillette

Cory Myers – Gillette

Kyle Okray – Gillette

Garrett Seamans – Gillette

Jacob Vetter – Gillette (2013 selection)

Chase Anderson – Cheyenne Central

Mark Menghini – Cheyenne Central

Alex Corbin – Cheyenne East

Dylan Hatanelas – Cheyenne East

Peter Frank – Jackson

Fuller Ross – Jackson

Dalton Bainer – Laramie (2013 selection)

Andrew Barnes – Laramie (2013 selection)

Robin Drummond – Laramie (2013 selection)

Matt Moran – Laramie (2013 selection)

Cole Alexander – Rock Springs

Jameson Fuja – Rock Springs

Kelby Kramer – Rock Springs

Benson Nguyen – Rock Springs



Grace Gordan – Gillette

Madison Hinshaw – Gillette (2013 selection)

Rachel Knutson – Gillette (2012 and 2013 selection)

Sydnee Sallee – Gillette

Kelsie Sanders – Gillette (2012 and 2013 selection)

Shea Suchor – Gillette

Abby Toscana – Gillette

Jazzea Olson – Cheyenne Central (2013 selection)

Rachel Phillips – Cheyenne Central (2013 selection)

Niki Stratton – Cheyenne Central

Claire Swanson – Cheyenne Central

Taylor Swindell-Kray – Cheyenne Central (2013 selection)

Amber True – Cheyenne Central

Kali True – Cheyenne Central

Abby Rich – Cheyenne East

Lucia Cho – Laramie (2013 selection)

Jaclyn Soler – Natrona (2013 selection)

Zoe Baldwin – Rock Springs

Lexy Newman – Rock Springs

Katelynn Brooks – Sheridan

Julia Fenn – Sheridan (2012 and 2013 selection)