Flack Friday: A Necessary Annoyance, High School Predictions and Josh Allen

Flack Friday: A Necessary Annoyance, High School Predictions and Josh Allen

Photo Credit: Mike Morbeck https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikemorbeck/16434548506

It’s my favorite time of the week, and hopefully yours too.

A Necessary Annoyance

Two weeks ago the NFL found itself under heavy criticism regarding the roughing the passer rule. Inspired by Green Bay Packers linebacker, Clay Matthews, it appeared that the opposition to the rule was going to set the league on fire.

My original plan for last week’s column was to include this topic, but I wanted to see it play out for another week before jumping on the bandwagon (my vertical is not that impressive).

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After watching last week’s NFL games, I have come to a conclusion:

The rule is a necessary annoyance.

We all know that the NFL is a business and it’s business that comes first. I completely understand why the rule has been put in place and why officials are quick to call it. The quarterback is the most valuable asset to the product of football. If you have no quarterback there is honestly no product. You will never convince me that someone is watching a football game to see a quarterback get hit. Unless it’s Johnny Manziel, then possibly.

I’m not saying that I love the rule or agree with it. However, I accept the rule because it’s necessary in order to keep the “product,” the quarterback, on the field and our eyes on the screen. I’d much rather watch Jared Goff toss five touchdowns and over 400 yards against the Vikings over a gruesome hit that ends a season for a quarterback.

When it comes to the consistency and definition of the rule, there needs to be a change. How you define it and call it consistently is a whole different topic. Anyone else feel like this is a flashback to last year’s catch rule? For now we’ll have to deal with the necessary annoyance.

Two Predictions

High School football is reaching the final weeks of the season. Here are a two quick predictions:

The Natrona Mustangs are like the New England Patriots. It’s hard to pick against them and they seem to always be in the running every year. Last week they played a spectacular game against the Thunder Basin Bolts who were atop 4A football. Don’t be surprised if we see a Natrona championship season. They look scary good.

Is there a better team than the Farson-Eden Pronghorns when it comes to six-man football? Last week the Pronghorns blew out Meeteetse, 64-0, who was supposed to be one of the better teams in six-man. This is the year for the Pronghorns. After losing in the championship game last year, there’s no way they allow it to slip again.

Stat of the Week

Josh Allen has been sacked 18 times through four games which is the most since David Carr in 2002 when he was sacked 26 times.

I’m sticking with my strong opinion that the Bills and Allen are not a good fit. Sure they beat the Vikings, but  did you see last week’s game? Let me update you. Allen was 16/33 with two interceptions. On to Tennessee. Good luck.

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