Flaming Gorge Days 2019 3-on-3 Basketball Schedule

Flaming Gorge Days 2019 3-on-3 Basketball Schedule

GREEN RIVER– The annual Flaming Gorge Days 3-on-3 Street Jam will be taking place all day Friday, June 28, kicking off at 8:30 am at Expedition Island in Green River.

Check out the list of teams competing and the schedule of games below.

Boys 6th Grade and Under Division

  • Team 6B1- Heat Wave
  • Team 6B2- Hoop Breakers
  • Team 6B3- RS Hooperz
  • Team 6B4- Baller Boyz

Boys 7th/8th Grade Division

  • Team 7/8B1- MCMK
  • Team 7/8B2- Bucket Getters
  • Team 7/8B3- Tune Squad
  • Team 7/8B4- Desert Hippies
  • Team 7/8B5- Basket Brawlers
  • Team 7/8B6- Manilla

Boys 9th/10th Grade Division

  • Team 9/10B1- Different Breed
  • Team 9/10B2- MHS
  • Team 9/10B3- Regulators
  • Team 9/10B4- Big J3lly
  • Team 9/10B5- Bridger Valley Boys

Boys 11th/12th Grade Division

  • Team 11/12B1- Mirror Image
  • Team 11/12B2- Frumious Bandersnatches
  • Team 11/12B3- Wine ‘Em & Dine ‘Em

Girls 6th Grade & Under Division

  • Team 6G1- Dunkalicious
  • Team 6G2- Dynamite Gals
  • Team 6G3- Lady Wolfpack

Girls 7th/8th Grade Division

  • Team 7/8G1- Team Nasty
  • Team 7/8G2- Mustangs
  • Team 7/8G3- Ball Girls
  • Team 7/8G4- Dunkin Donuts
  • Team 7/8G5- Daat Team
  • Team 7/8G6- Ball-hers

Girls 9th/10th Grade Division

  • Team 9/10G1- Lady Wolves
  • Team 9/10G2- Green River Pretty Purple Princesses
  • Team 9/10G3- Hot Shots

Girls 11th/12th Grade Division

  • Team 11/12G1- Hoops- I Did It Again
  • Team 11/12G2- Big Baller Beaches

Check below for a complete schedule of games, or click here for a pdf.

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