Flaming Gorge Days Contract Approved by Council in 4-3 Vote

Flaming Gorge Days Contract Approved by Council in 4-3 Vote

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council approved two service agreements for Flaming Gorge Days Tuesday night.

In a 4-3 vote, the Council approved a service agreement with Denver-based event company, Adelska, in the amount of $21,500. Mayor Pete Rust, and Council Members Sherry Bushman, Mike Shutran, and George Jost voted in favor of the service agreement, while Council Members Gary Killpack, Robert Berg, and Ron Williams voted against. However, there was no discussion regarding the votes.

While Adelska was initially interested in running the entirety of Flaming Gorge Days, at a cost of $86,000, they will now be running just the entertainment portion of the event. This means the company will be in charge of the concerts, due to the amount of time they have left before the June event. City Administrator Reed Clevenger said that the company is basing ticket prices on the band or bands they get, and the number of projected attendees.

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Since Adelska will only be running the concert portion of the event, the city is having to find other ways to put the rest of the event on. This led to the decision to have Alishae Blazich run the vendor fair, which the Council unanimously approved a service agreement for $2,500. The city, utilizing their parks and recreation department and marketing personnel, will organize the parade.

Williams asked whether there will be the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, volleyball tournament, and other longtime activities, as the events attract a lot of the attendees for Flaming Gorge Days. Clevenger said that they are still figuring those elements out, but the city has had a number of people call wanting to help out.

Flaming Gorge Days, which was cancelled last year, will be June 28 and 29.