Flooding on Lionkol Road Linked to Illegally Installed Culverts


Flooding on Lionkol Road Linked to Illegally Installed CulvertsROCK SPRINGS – After a week of rain storms, thunder, lightning and wind, several residents near Lionkol Road complained to the Rock Springs City Council about flooding and drainage issues.

The discussion was started when Penny Kramer told the council that during the last really bad rain storm, there was a lot of runoff from the top of the road which left standing water all over Lionkol Road. While she said water did not accumulate on Lionkol Road, many homes on Cypress Circle did see their back yards flooded.

From there, Kramer said she went up the road and looked at the storm drains. She said several of them were blocked, while at others it appeared the water was running around them and not being collected.

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Mayor Carl Demshar asked Kramer if the Culverts were blocked before the storm or after the storm. She responded that they were blocked before the storm took place. Kramer told Demshar while they were lucky this time, she feared next time it rained it would cause a lot of damage and devastation in the area.

Councilman Rob Zotti said he went and looked at the issue in the area. He said several residents had moved “their toys” into backyards and had made several illegal culverts all over the area. Zotti added he had talked to Rock Springs City Engineer Paul Kauchich and looked at plans the city had on the area in question.

Don Geffre, who also lives in the area, spoke to the council about the illegal culverts and all the garbage in the area.

Kauchich explained to the council, he also has gone and looked at the area. He added this has happened several times and they were waiting for the Stormwater Master Plan, but had looked at a possible detention pond behind the area to stop the run-off. Kauchich also said the engineering department has noticed all the illegal culverts which have been put in throughout the area.

Demshar liked the idea of taking a more serious look at a detention pond.

“My dad always would say about water is that once it gets loose, you can’t stop it,” Demshar said.

Zotti also took a strong stand against the illegal culverts.

“When you start putting these illegal culverts in, you need to think about your neighbors,” he exclaimed.