Fontenelle Dam to Increase Water Release on Wednesday

Fontenelle Dam to Increase Water Release on Wednesday

LA BARGE — Fontenelle Dam will increase its water release tomorrow, according to information from the Bureau of Reclamation.

Releases from Fontenelle Dam are scheduled to be increased from 1,200 cfs to 1,800 cfs on Wednesday, June 22.

As of June 10, the Fontenelle Reservoir pool elevation is 6484.07 feet, which amounts to 56 percent of live storage capacity, according to the the website Inflows for the month of May totaled approximately 63,000 acre-feet (af) or 36 percent of average.

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The June final forecast for unregulated inflows into Fontenelle for the next three months projects below average conditions, the website states. June, July, and August inflow volumes amount to 220,000 af (74 percent of average), 102,000 af (57 percent of average), and 45,000 af (59 percent of average), respectively. The April-July 2022 unregulated inflow is forecasted to be 435,000 af or 59 percent of average.

This data is considered the most likely scenario given the current forecast, is general, and is subject to changing conditions. Forecasted (tentative) hourly release schedules can be found by visiting the Colorado River Basin Forecast Center at this website.