Fremont Therapy Group Helps Tackle Your Pain With This New Approach!


Fremont Therapy Group’s physical therapist Dana Kreusel – PT, DPT has been wowing her patients with her special approach to PT.

Dana uses her training in Functional Manual Therapy to treat anyone from the sedentary to the professional athlete.

The techniques Dana uses is a great treatment method for restoring function post injury or post-surgery and is great for treating chronic pain and issues with posture.

The hands-on technique and treatment reduces pain, improves mobility, promotes muscle initiation, strengths and restores correct movement patterns.


Lee Bartolotta

Dana’s patient, Lee Bartolotta, had been in pain for 20 years with migraines. She met with doctors in New York, Texas and Wyoming as well as chiropractors, and even a neurologist for the pain with no success.

She was concerned her migraine medicine was damaging her heart and asked her doctor if she could see a physical therapist.

Dana and Lee Bartolotta after a physical therapy session

“After my 1st appointment with Dana I felt amazing! She was able to figure out that the reason for all my headaches was actually due to a car accident 20 years ago and delivering two sons,” said Bartolotta.

My right lung collapsed and all this time I never realized I was off from my pelvis to my neck. I was walking, standing and even getting out of a chair wrong! I had no idea. She fixed all of that.”

“I’ve probably spent $125,000 over the past 20 years through doctor visits and time off work and who knew I could be cured by a physical therapist right in Green River,” said Bartolotta.

Bartolotta says she went from pain almost every day for the past 20 years to having no pain.

“To say that Dana saved my life would be an understatement to say the least!”

– Lee Bartolotta

“I no longer am in pain. I am completely off all medication! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hiring her. She is the Best!”


functional manual therapy

Dana’s primary focus is ensuring her patients achieve pain-free function. She has advanced training in functional manual therapy, which is a specialized, hands-on approach to physical therapy.

The unique treatment, developed by The Institute of Physical Art, views the body as an interdependent dynamic system. Dana assesses for changes in posture, structure and function.

These changes are then corresponded to soft tissues and movement dysfunctions.


a manual approach

In FMT, specific hands-on techniques and movement patterns are utilized to restore areas of reduced mobility.

Once joints and soft tissues have reached efficient mobility, treatment is progressed to include neuromuscular re-education, which is the body’s ability to use the correct muscles at the right time.

Neuromuscular facilitation works to restore the muscles strength and endurance. The final step is motor control, which is the ability to produce efficient and coordinated motions through correct movement patterns.

This includes sport or job specific training and instruction for everyday activities.


Dana Kreusel – PT, DPT

Dana joined FTG in the fall of 2014. She was raised in Mountain View, and after practicing in Idaho for five years, is happy to return to her Wyoming roots. Dana earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Idaho State University.

She began her professional career in an orthopedic outpatient clinic before transitioning to a clinic emphasizing a manual approach.

Other patients are glad they chose Fremont Therapy Group as well.

“Dana’s hands-on approach to therapy worked very well in my case. I now walk straighter and with less pain. Thank you, Fremont Staff!” said Bessie Middlemas.

“I have undergone therapy for different areas in the past and always responded well. But this time I felt I received attention and relief above and beyond what I expected.”

this time I felt I received attention and relief above and beyond what I expected,”

– Bessie Middlemas

“I’m doing great and skied for the first time 14 weeks after total knee replacement! Although timid, I skied well. I do need to continue building muscle and endurance,” said Steve Finley.


Fremont Therapy Group

If you still have questions about physical therapy or have a question for a physical therapist, don’t hesitate to call us at 875-4654. Come meet our friendly staff and find out if physical therapy is right for you!



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