Gala of the Royal Horses Prepares for Show in Rock Springs [PHOTOS]

Gala of the Royal Horses Prepares for Show in Rock Springs [PHOTOS]

ROCK SPRINGS– Eleven beautiful horses from around the world have arrived in Rock Springs to perform for the community in the Gala of the Royal Horses.

The event will be tonight and tomorrow night, June 28 and June 29, at 7:30 pm at the Sweetwater Events Complex Indoor Arena.

The Royal Horses

The Gala of the Royal Horses features performances involving the Lipizzaner Stallions, Andalusian, Friesian, and the Arabian breeds, as well as a recently added Quarter Horse.

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“It’s a very nice variety of beautiful horses,” the show producer Rene Gasser said. “To see these horses live is really great.”

The Lipizzaner Stallions and the Andalusian horses come from Spain, while the Friesian horses are from the Netherlands, and the Arabians come from the Arabian Peninsula.

Spectators will be able to see the traditional work that these horses have been used for.

“The Lipizzaner Stallions were used in warfare, the Andalusians are the dancing horses of Spain, and the Friesians will be doing all of their movements,” Gasser said.

He added that the Arabians perform by standing on their back legs.

Rene Gasser has Marcus the Magnificent, an Arabian, stand on his back legs.

Preparing for Showtime

A lot of preparations go into putting together a traveling horse show like this one, but Gasser said it’s “always a pleasure” to work with such beautiful animals.

“It’s our life. I’ve been working with horses all my life. Seven generations of working with horses, actually,” Gasser said. He added that he is always amazed by these “magnificent animals” even after all these years of working with them.

The horses, performers, and stagehands arrived in Rock Springs at about 1 pm on Thursday after performing the previous night in Rawlins, leaving them a little more than six hours until the event starts.

After their arrival, the stagehands started preparing the Indoor Arena for the show. While the arena is being set up with the staging and lighting, the horses have to be bathed and cleaned up to look their best for showtime.

However, setting up and preparing for the show is just part of the process of running the Gala of the Royal Horses.

“You can imagine traveling around with 11 horses, mostly stallions. Everything has to be organized- the barns, the venues, all of the food for the horses. We’ve got five people in the office just working on that,” Gasser said.

A Unique and Fantastic Show

Gasser said it is a rare occurrence for people to see these beautiful horses live.

“It’s probably once in many many years that a show like this will come around,” he said. “There are only a handful of shows in the world that do what we do.”

The horses will perform traditional maneuvers that were once used on the battlefield such as The Airs Above the Ground, Roman Riding, and The Art of Garrocha. There will also be bareback riding performances.

“It’s not just the beautiful horses, but it’s also the costumes, and the performers, and the traditional movements,” Gasser said. “We want people to be entertained.”