Game and Fish Shows How To Release A Fish Properly


WYOMING — There are some places in the heat of the Wyoming summers where you shouldn’t practice catch and release because of warm water temperatures.

In the hottest parts of the summer, if you want to catch and release, plan to fish early in the morning or later in the evening or go to higher altitudes to fish where it may not get as hot.

Or you can always keep your fish for a tasty meal.

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Anglers are still being asked to voluntarily suspend catch and release fishing with high water temps.

Air and water temperatures are soaring, river flows are coming down, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Green River fish management staff is very concerned about the impacts catch and release fishing may be having on local fisheries, especially the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the Green River.

Green River Fisheries Supervisor Robb Keith says fish survival in Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a concern as surface water temperatures are warming up.

“Catch and release mortality is a concern for all sport fish in Flaming Gorge Reservoir, especially kokanee,” Keith said. “For kokanee, the death rate is higher than other fish species because kokanee don’t handle well the stress of being caught and released, even when the water is cold. Survival of released kokanee plummets when surface water temperatures warming above 65 degrees F. “