Genesis Alkali Made End of Year Donations as Reminder to ‘Finish Strong’


Genesis Alkali donated generously to local communities in November and December of 2019.

The donations were part of a safety campaign that was designed to keep employees focused on safety at year-end, and finishing the year strong. 

Separate donations were made to Cowboys Against Cancer, the Food Bank of Sweetwater County, and the Bridger Valley Food Bank.

Finish Strong – Granger Awards $1,500 to Cowboys Against Cancer

Left to right:
Cowboys Against Cancer Volunteers: Sarah Sheldon, Randy Russell, Bonnie Cannon and Margaret Parry. Granger employees Heidi Finn, RJ Finn, Sherri Shurtleff, Sam Bernal

Finish Strong – Mono Awards $1,500 to Green River, Rock Springs and Bridger Valley Food Banks

Back Row left to right
Josh Finley, TR Kosher, Cody Jackson, Jacob Springmeyer, David Jackson, Ryan Alkema Front Row Insu Kim , Rick Tarufelli, (Food Bank employee Travis accepted check for Kathy) & Lewis Rael
Back: Shaneon Lance, John Bluemel
Front: Kim Edelmayer, Colleen Schonegarth, Chet Shelton, Nick Maxfield, ( Ladies from Food bank, Jennifer, Kathy, Naomi) Ryan Alkema