Genesis Alkali to Stop Employee-Bussing Service During COVID-19 Regulations

Genesis Alkali to Stop Employee-Bussing Service During COVID-19 Regulations

Genesis Alkali photo

GREEN RIVER — Genesis Alkali will continue to implement social distancing, suspend its bussing service and will soon require temperature checks for those entering the plant to ensure its employees are safe during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

“The safety and well-being of our employees and their family is our No. 1 priority,” David Caplan, director of communications for Genesis Alkali, said.

Caplan said it’s important to keep the 950 employees informed on the various Centers for Disease Control measures and making sure they are getting access to the latest information.

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Of course, communicating this information has changed from face-to-face to emails and phone calls. The company has also made sure to provide its employees with links to informative websites, such as the CDC and the Wyoming Department of Health.

“I think our employees appreciated the information we are putting out,” he said.

The company is limiting the amount of employees gathering in one spot to 10 throughout its operations, from riding up and down the elevators to social distancing.

“It’s requiring us to change our behavior,” Caplan said.

Genesis has also asked its employees to follow the travel guidelines and limit their mobility at this time. Nonessential travel should not be taking place.

As for busing workers to and from the plant, this will come to an end Friday, March 27. Most have already stopped using the buses.

Caplan said they were going to stop the buses Wednesday, March 25, but had a bunch of employees who were on shift work were off for several days and they may not have heard the announcement. They didn’t want to leave employees standing at the bus stops.

“It’s best just to eliminate it and encourage everyone to drive their own vehicles,” Caplan said.

Carpooling is also not recommended. All employees must drive separately. Genesis created extra parking areas at the plant to accommodate the extra vehicles.

“I think people are listening to that,” he said.

As for access to the plant, temperature checks will soon be required. This includes employees, vendors and truck drivers. Caplan said at first they were just asking those entering the plant to fill out questionnaires, but with COVID-19 making its way across the state, that quickly turned into requesting temperature checks be made.

Genesis has also hired outside cleaning companies to come into their plant and conduct a deep cleaning using the chemicals the CDC recommends.