Get 60¢ CRISP TACOS to Celebrate 60 Years of TacoTime!

Get 60¢ CRISP TACOS to Celebrate 60 Years of TacoTime!

Founded in 1960, TacoTime is celebrating their 60th anniversary all 2020 long!

Each month you’re invited to snag an incredible deal as we say cheers to 60 years!

(? Toasting ? tacos is optional although highly suggested.)


February 15th: 60¢ CRISP TACOS

March 15th: 60¢ CHERRY EMPANADAS

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April 15th: FREE RANCH

May 15th: 60¢ SIDE OF RICE & BEANS

June 15th: 60¢ SIDE OF CHIPS & CHEESE

July 15th: 60¢ CHOCO TACOS

August 15th: 60¢ CHURROS


October 15th: 60¢ BEAN TOSTADOS

November 15th: 60¢ BURRITO BITES

December 15th: 60¢ SMALL DRINKS

*PRO TIP: Set a reminder in your phone for the days listed above and never miss a deal!

Back to the Beginning

Check out this awesome throwback article highlighting the opening of Rock Springs’ very first TacoTime location. ?

Current Rock Springs TacoTime owners Lee & Denise Staley
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