Get Quality Emergency Care for Your Pet 24-Hours a Day


It’s not just people who need care during emergency situations. Pets do as well!

Rock Springs Pet Hospital is a family owned and operated facility that offers on-call and after hours care.

Save Our Number!
(307) 362-2869

Imagine your cat begins having a seizure during the weekend, or your pregnant mama dog can’t push out its last two puppies . . . and its 2:00am! In situations like these, it’s important that you have professionals available who can assist!

Rock Springs Pet Hospital can help!

Call the Rock Springs Pet Hospital at any time, even after listed hours, and it will directly link to Dr. Eilts personal phone where he can help provide care for your pet’s emergency.

Emergency Service Fees

  • Exam Fee: $38.00
  • Emergency Services: $120+

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Friday (10am-7pm)
Saturday (10am-5pm)
Sunday (10am-4pm)

*lunches typically taken by staff from 12:00pm-1:30pm*

Phone: (307) 362-2869

Walk-Ins Welcome!

Located right next to Joe’s Pet Place! ⬇️

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