Ghost Talk and Book Signing at the Sweetwater County Library

Ghost Talk and Book Signing at the Sweetwater County Library

SWEETWATER COUNTY — To celebrate the publication of the book “Spirits in the Stacks: Tales from Sweetwater County’s Haunted Library,” a ghost talk and book signing will be held at 1 p.m. on November 23 at the Sweetwater County Library, 300 N. 1st East in Green River.

The book, compiled by former librarian Micki Gilmore, tells the history of the paranormal activity that people have reported at the library, talks about the Ghost Log, and explains the origins of the library’s Ghost Walks. It also features first-hand accounts of paranormal experiences at the building. 

The books are available for purchase at the Sweetwater County Library, White Mountain Library and Rock Springs Library. They are $20 each. Both print and digital copies of the book are also available on All proceeds from the book sales benefit the Sweetwater County Library Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds library programs and services above and beyond what taxpayer dollars can support. 

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The event on November 23 will feature the Ghost Walk Crew, a volunteer group that provides Ghost Walks in the library. The group will discuss the history of the haunted library, the library’s ghost walks and ghost hunting. Featured speakers include Micki Gilmore, Tiffany Kennah, Russell and Mary Connelly, Bianca Jorgensen, Hannah Yeager, and Ellie Davis. A book sales and book signing will follow the discussion. Refreshments will be served.