GHSC Offers Temporary Drive-thru Meal Service

GHSC Offers Temporary Drive-thru Meal Service

Photo courtesy of Golden Hour Senior Center

GREEN RIVER — The Golden Hour Senior Center is offering a drive-thru, meal-delivery service to help those trying to self-quarantine from the Coronavirus (COVID-19.)

According to a flyer provided by GHSC, starting Monday, March 16, the GHSC will offer a temporary drive-thru meal service.

To participate in this, a food order must be placed by 10 am. The center will need the full names of all of those requesting a meal.

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Those who want to participate in this program, must line up their car at 11:30 am at the south end of the parking lot, which is near the kitchen entrance.

Participants are asked to remain in their vehicles because the meals will be delivered to them. All of those who choose this program will receive an invoice at the end of the month for all of the meals they received.