A Gift For the Fire Chief

A Gift For the Fire Chief

Kay Danielson approached the podium during the public comment portion of Green River’s City Council meeting Tuesday evening. Danielson often attends the meetings, yet rarely speaks to the council. Tonight, she had something to say.

Thank You

“I’m Kay Danielson and I live right across the street, and I want to thank the mayor and the council people for their service and all the employees of the Green River city for all their service. We really appreciate it,” she started.

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“I go to the senior center almost every day and I really appreciate the support that you show to the senior center.”

Paying It Forward

She went on to tell the council about a winter project she took part in at the Golden Hour senior center.

“I call it paying it forward,” she said.

“We made hats for the Kindergarten and the 1st and 2nd grades at Truman school because we were notified that they didn’t have proper winter clothing and hats, and we made 150 for the CDC (Child Development Center) and we’ve made hats for all the staff at the senior center and their children and grand children and anybody who needed one.”

Danielson said when she recently talked with her son, he asked if she made a winter hat for the fire chief.

She said no, she hadn’t.

“You know, he’s out there working and it’s cold,” he told her.

A Hat For the Fire Chief

So, she made the Green River Fire Department Chief Mike Nomis a hat to stay warm. Nomis was absent from the Tuesday meeting.

“I realized he’s not here tonight, but I will have you give it to him and we want him to keep warm.”

“So thank you very much and keep up the good work,” Danielson said. “And I invite all of you to stop in anytime at the senior center. Sometimes there’s a big crowd and sometimes it’s just a few people, but it’s a really, really great place for us old guys. So thank you again.”

“Thank you, Kay,” Mayor Pete Rust said.