Girl Scouts Implement Water Quality Program

Girl Scouts Implement Water Quality Program

GREEN RIVER — Green River Brownie Troop #1626 is working on a project to remind the public that storm drains go directly to bodies of water without being treated.

They are gluing down decals that say “only rain down the drain” near storm drains with the cooperation of Sweetwater County Conservation District.

The scouts are learning about water quality and healthy watersheds.

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The concern is that many people mistakenly believe storm drain inlets empty to water treatment facilities,  In fact, they drain directly into the Green which can substantially cause a decline in water quality.

A storm drain is a network of underground pipes designed to control flooding by transporting stormwater from urban areas to a waterbody.

“As part of the District’s education and outreach program, we are happy to have this interest in our communities.” –  Karen Pecheny, Sweetwater County Conservation District

The District received grant money from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality WDEQ and was able to purchase these decals with those funds.

Water quality standards are implemented through The Clean Water Act which is a plan to attain and maintain water quality standards.

Jason Palmer with the City of Green River, Utility Supervisor gave permission for work on this project which took place yesterday.

Courtney Thomas is the Girl Scout Leader who came to us to find out more about water quality.