Girl Scouts Sell Cookies to Mayor Kaumo

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies to Mayor Kaumo

ROCK SPRINGS– Girl Scout Troop 1279 in Rock Springs made a big sales pitch at Rock Springs City Hall on Monday.

The Girl Scouts sold some cookies to Mayor Tim Kaumo inside the Council Chambers. Mayor Kaumo bought a few different boxes, but made sure to place an order for his favorites, Do-si-dos.

The girls are raising a money for a trip to Costa Rica where they will be able to vacation as well as do community service.

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In order to raise enough money for the trip, each girl has to sell about 6,000 boxes of cookies over four years. There are currently 14 girls in the troop.

After making the sale, Mayor Kaumo taught the girls a bit about how city government works and what a Rock Springs City Council meeting looks like.

“Who’s going to be the next Mayor?” Mayor Kaumo asked the girls as they sat in the Mayor and City Council’s chairs. “We need leaders. We need young adults in our community who lead the city forward.”

The girl scouts will be setting up their cookie booths on March 22, and will be selling through the month of April.